My work is interested in establishing gestalt through a myriad of materials, processes, and images. The surface of each work is crafted out of mosaic tile. Each tile piece is cut from a larger block to form every individual line and form throughout the work. This process speaks to both a specific art historical referent as well as an inherent kitsch. Found objects are imbedded in each work to activate the figures portrayed. These labored surfaces are then collaged and painted atop of in a frenetic manner that pushes against the precious nature of the mosaic process. I've been thinking a lot about how to speak to the passing of time in an archaeological sense; the petrification of various histories. The objects used in the paintings are frozen like fossils, and the ancient process of tile work speaks to that. The gestures and tools used to eventually 'paint' these panels attempt to capture a certain feverishness. Much like a tiled subway wall that's been scrawled on. Each material process and reference employed within this body of work is attempting to create a relic greater than the sum of its parts; an investigation in visual language.